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A CRM add-on that utilises smart data tracking and lead behaviour triggers providing you with alerts around when to close customers.

You’ll know WHO to call about WHAT and WHEN.

What is DataHub7?

A system designed to improve the efficiency and success rate around the conversion of leads into customers.

Capturing Leads

We capture enquiry leads from your website, 3rd party classified sites. We also gather leads from general enquiry forms across social media, your website and other sources. Leads can then be synced or pulled from your favourite CRM systems.


Analyzing Lead Behavior

DataHub7 provides you with a complete profile of each lead’s search behavior and interaction with your brand. So how many web sessions the lead has made on your site, what pages they keep frequenting, the number of enquiries they made on 3rd party websites, their engagement with e-marketing, and more.


Conversion Triggers

Create an unlimited amount of Conversion Triggers for your leads that will automatically notify you when the lead is mostly likely to transact and ready to close. These triggers will notify you via email or sms when the behaviour of leads follows a certain pattern or meets a minimum requirement. This could be that the lead views your Contact Us page 3 times in 1 week. Eliminate the guess work and focus your limited time on closing deals.



Industries using DataHub7

  • Real Estate Agencies

  • Boating & Marine

  • Media & Advertising

  • eCommerce & Retail

  • Legal/Accounting/Finance

  • Small Business and Trade Services

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